Business Policies

Your property is the foundation of your business. From the tools you use, to the stock you sell, to the sign over the door, you'd have a tough time doing business if your property were damaged or destroyed.

Protecting your business property goes beyond just the building. Business property insurance could also cover contents like:

  • Equipment
  • Machinery
  • And inventory

We may also recommend special coverage like Crime insurance and Inland Marine insurance to cover:

  • Things like money and securities
  • Or other property away from your main business location.

Property insurance covers you when*…

  • A strong windstorm tears off part of the roof of your building -- and rain damages your merchandise
  • Lightning strikes -- destroying every expensive piece of electronics in your office

Business interruption insurance covers you when* …

  • The contractor takes three months to repair fire damage -- while you have a mortgage to pay and five employees looking for a paycheck
  • A hurricane shuts you down for repairs -- while you lose profit from your busiest month of the year

Crime insurance covers you when*…

  • A dishonest employee pockets merchandise -- as part of an unauthorized "employee discount" program
  • Someone makes an "unauthorized withdrawal" from your deposit bag

Inland Marine insurance covers you when*…

  • Appliances you were delivering to customers are damaged in an auto accident
  • Building materials stored at a job site are stolen

*Certain conditions and exclusions may apply.

Clearly, there's a lot that needs protecting. That's why the Adrian Reyes Agency offers customized property insurance programs to cover the specific risks that may impact your business.

Do you own a…

  • retail business
  • restaurant
  • office
  • contracting business
  • auto service shop
  • or other specialized business?